Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Five sided bolt

Watney heard Lewis's voice in the distance. Like someone talking to him through a long tunnel. 
He vaguely wondered what she wanted. His attention was briefly drawn to the fluttering canvas ahead of him. A rip had appeared and was rapidly widening. 

But then he was distracted by a bolt in one of the bulkheads. It only had five sides. He wondered why NASA decided that bolt needed five sides instead of six. It would require a special wrench to tighten or loosen. 

The canvas tore even further, the tattered material flapping wildly. Through the opening, Watney saw red sky stretching out infinitely ahead. “That's nice,” he thought. As the MAV flew higher, the atmosphere grew thinner. Soon, the canvas stopped fluttering and simply stretched toward Mark. The sky shifted from red to black. “That's nice, too,” Mark thought. 
As consciousness slipped away, he wondered where he could get a cool 5-sided bolt like that. 

NASA\JPL\Ken Kremer/Marco Di Lorenzo